What to Expect

Initial Assessment

Our first meeting will consist of an initial assessment. In this session, I will collect a detailed description of the presenting concerns and symptoms, triggering factors, personality traits, and family history relevant to your current difficulties. We will collaboratively work together to determine goals for therapy and formulate a treatment plan. Due to the importance of the therapeutic relationship, the initial session also serves as a way to determine goodness of fit between therapist and client. If we agree that there is a goodness of fit with regard to our rapport and our ability to meet your therapy goals, we agree to move forward in treatment. If it is determined that we are not a good fit, I will refer you to a therapist or facility who can better meet your therapy needs or suggest applicable resources.

Treatment Program

Based on the initial assessment, I will design a psychological treatment program to meet your specific therapeutic needs. Components of the treatment may include education about patterns of thinking and acting that can reduce distress, relaxation training, self-management skills during emotionally stress moments, and specific homework assignments. As needed, I will offer insight-oriented therapy, relationship therapy, and other relevant treatment approaches.

Individual Therapy sessions are 45 to 50 minutes per session. You and I will mutually determine the frequency of appointments. The number of sessions needed is largely dependent on the number of goals you set and the pace at which you are able to implement the techniques offered. Throughout this process, we will give each other regular feedback about treatment. I encourage you to let me know what you feel is most helpful to you and what you think needs improvement.

Once you have achieved your goals, the frequency of sessions is reduced. These sessions involve tools that allow you to graduate treatment with the confidence that you can sustain your improvements over time. I also encourage booster sessions, which are random check-in points throughout the year that allow us to reassess your progress and make sure you continue on your healthy path.

Couples therapy sessions are 50 minutes per session. My approach to working with couples is based on the concept that adult love is a process that can be understood, influenced, and repaired. Treatment addresses entrenched interaction patterns that disrupt harmony within the relationship.

I am also able to provide family therapy. Sessions for families typically last 50 minutes per session. I utilize a Structural/Strategic orientation in my work with families. Through this approach, I take an active and supportive stance during sessions and assist families in restructuring their interactions with one another to clarify family roles and rules, decrease conflict, and increase feelings of safety, closeness, and connection.

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